Online Dog Training Thru Fitness, Dance and Yoga

Save Time, Workout Online

Personal Training for You and Your Dog

One-on_one Online Training with 6 Hairy Legs

6 Hairy Legs instructors will work with you to build a workout regimen specialized specifically to the needs and abilities of you and your dog. These online dog training and dog fitness classes will include exercises completed together in tandem with one another. Yes you can have a fulfilling workout with your dog that you will both benefit from, in both mind, body and relationship.


Personal Dance Sessions with You and Your Dog

Dance and Movement Online Sessions with your dog at 6 Hairy Legs

During this online session you and your dog will learn how to actually move and dance together. This is your own personal session and we can learn well known dances to popular music, such as Beetles, Motown, classical, and ballet just to name few. 

We offer a totally unique choreographed experience, however because we are creating something with you, you will not learn a whole dance in 30 min. We break it down and each week and build on the last. You and your dog will be learning and working together to make each movement a success.

Our online dog training, dog fitness and dog dance classes are provided on an appointment only basis. When registering, be sure to select several days/times you are available and we will contact you with your schedule. See you online!


Rocker Board Workout with You and Your Dog

Rocker Board  help you gain greater balance and agility. They are built to sit unevenly against the floor, rocker boards more balance boards cause you to engage your core and other muscles to keep you balanced.

Learn the many mental and physical uses of the rocker board together with your dog. You and your dog will work on and off the board in this moderately paced class.

6 Hairy Legs developed this class with you and your dog in mind. It focuses on core awareness and strengthening for both dog and person, as well as strengthening and stabilizing other muscles of the foot, ankle and legs.

Rocker boards required. They can be purchased from 6 Hairy Legs $30.