Fitness, Dance and Yoga + Dog Training = A Happy, Healthy Dog

Dog and Me Fitness, Dance, Yoga and Training?

You and your dog need to live more active and healthy lives. For many of us, that is tough because of time constraints, family dynamics, or simply a lack of knowledge on how best to do so. That is where we come in. 

6 Hairy Legs has developed a selection of both online  and local dog fitness classes  and dog dance workshops to get you and your dog moving, while teaching your dog basic obedience skills. We currently offer local classes in Raleigh with more coming to Durham and Chapel Hill. 

Join us for some creative dog training through fitness and dance!

Local Dog Fitness Classes and Dance Workshops

Balls, Orbs, Spheres and Music class at 6 Hairy Legs

Dancing Balls

Exercise balls are amazing pieces of equipment and have more uses than you can imagine. During this class, we will be using exercise balls in unique and different ways. (Exercise balls required, please bring your own, or purchase from the instructor.)  


Classes Held every Saturday at 12:15-1:15 pm 

Ball and 10-15-foot leash required. 

(Balls can be purchased from the instructor for $10.)

1 Hour class $25.00


Yoga Dog'A' Dance

We begin with a warm-up for both you and your dog, using "brain games" and light stretches to awaken the mind and body. Once the muscles are warm, we will move into a more aerobic section of the workout combining stretching, exercise equipment, and dance. It is sure to get you and your dog’s blood pumping! We end with a slow cool down. (30-minutes)

  • Although this class has a canine focus the owner is also moving and getting a workout, please make sure both you and your dog come prepared for an active workout.
  • This class is a fun, movement-based dance workout for all using positive communication to teach your dog the moves. 

Classes held:

  • Every Friday from 10:30 AM-11:00 AM at The Animall in Cary, NC (1105 Walnut St #103, Cary, NC 27511) (No Class Friday, Feb 15, 2019)
  • Every Sunday 12:00–12:30 pm 

30 minute class $15.00

Musical Rally at 6 Hairy Les

Musical Rally

Rally is a dog sport based on obedience skills where dogs work through a course and execute specific tasks. 6 Hairy Legs has taken this concept and made more interactive and movement-based class. This course will challenge yet create a more positive association with basic obedience commands. It makes heeling more fun and teaches dog and partner  structure, rhythm, and phrasing of the music. You will learn to work together as a partnership and teach your dog how to  walk nicely and understand the commands better because you've built up a positive rapport between human and dog. It’s almost a dance! 


Classes held every Sunday 1:00 – 2:00 pm   

1 hour class $25.00

Canine Rocker Boar with 6 Hairy Legs

Rocker Board Rock

Learn the many mental and physical uses of the rocker board together with your dog. You and your dog will work on and off the board in this moderately paced class.

6 Hairy Legs developed this class with you and your dog in mind. It focuses on core awareness and strengthening for both dog and person, as well as strengthening and stabilizing other muscles of the foot, ankle and legs.

Rocker boards required and can be purchased from 6 Hairy Legs $30.

30 minute class $15