Canine Training

Dog Fitness, Dance and Yoga

Canine Training

Dog Fitness, Dance and Yoga

Training your Dog is Fun with Our Fitness, Dance and Yoga Classes

Are you struggling trying to maintain your dogs training and fitness?  At 6 Hairy Legs, we offer a variety of both online courses and locally based community workshops in Raleigh and Northeast Ohio. Our classes provide balance, agility, and cardio workouts for you and your dog while incorporating dog obedience skills to create a unique training and fitness experience for you both.

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Fitness, Dance and Yoga for You and Your Dog

Yoga, Dog 'A' Dance


Don't let the name fool you, this class will have you and your dog movin' and groovin', so come prepared  to sweat. 

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Musical Rally


An interactive and movement-

based class with a course set to challenge you and your dog, yet create a more positive association with regular obedience commands.

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Balls & Stuff


Teach your dog basic commands in a creative way using an exercise ball and your imagination. We will guide your experience while you and your dog get moving. 

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Rocker Board Rock


Gain even greater balance and agility with a rocker or balance

board. Built to sit unevenly against the floor, rocker boards or balance boards

cause you to engage your core and other muscles to keep you balanced.

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Online Courses

Work at Your Own Pace, On Your Time, Wherever You Like

Online Courses through 6 Hairy Legs

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Live Online Coaching

Online Courses at 6 Hairy Legs

You will have an opportunity to work one-one-one (well two, as both trainers will be there) and learn core training, pilates, yoga, and much more for both you and your dog. 


Coming Soon: Online Courses

We are currently working on a series of video training courses you can do on your own time.

Need to work at a different pace or have some time constraints that force you to miss our Live Sessions. Don't worry. We are currently putting together a series of mini workouts and training videos you can download and use on your schedule. 

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